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   Terms and conditions for buying:   

Buyer accepts the bird at the time of delivery AS IS.

No unweaned bird(s) will be sold or shipped. If I do decide to do this there is NO WARRANTY, GUARANTEE or REFUND.

All birds are sold with a 72-hour warranty/health guarantee. Stating they are free of disease and are in good health. If found in negative health I will refund the price of the bird only or replace with one of equal value (when one is available). MUST HAVE A WRITTEN STATEMENT FROM AN AVIAN VET WITHIN THE 72-HOUR PERIOD

No refund will be given with out a 72-hour vet check.

We accept Pay Pal, cash, all of the rest that are listed must clear the bank & be legit (no scams) money orders, certified checks/money orders, personal checks excepted only for deposits.

All personal checks/money orders must clear the bank (this ussually takes a few weeks) before any birds can be shipped or picked up. If for any reason a check is returned $50.00 will be added to the price of transaction.

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total purchase price is required to hold or reserve bird(s). I will only hold specific bird(s) no longer than 7 days from original agreement date awaiting deposit/payment. Unless other terms have been agreed upon by both parties.

If deposit/payment is not received within the 7-day period, the bird(s) will be placed back up for sale.

The deposit will only hold the bird(s) for 30 days waiting full payment. Unless otherwise agreed upon other terms.

Click on one of the following for a copy of the Warranty & Purchase Agreement:



Email me with any questions or if you would like to purchase one of my little Angels.

email:  emailparrot.gif