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Hunter's Conures ~
Warranty & Purchase Agreement

This is a copy of the Warranty & Purchase Agreement.

Please sign and return a copy to me:

Kim Mosloski & Hunter Wedebrand - Hunter's Conures - Estherville, IA. 51334

Fully Weaned Hand-Fed Babies

Your bird was physically examined at the time of hatch and has been closely monitored on a daily basis to ensure his/her health and well being. Any known abnormalities are listed under "comments". As certain health conditions can only be detected by an avian vet, we encourage you to take your new bird for a check up to get an opinion on the health status of your new bird. If your vet determines your bird is in poor health, please return within the 72-hour warranty period along with the vet's statement to us. Any lab testing must be performed within the warranty period for the bird to be covered. If any problems are found, we will, at our option, replace the bird with one of equal value (when one is available) or refund the full purchase price of the bird only. We do not assume liability for expenses incurred. This warranty is to protect the purchaser from any pre-existing health conditions. If a problem is noticed during the warranty period, please return the bird. We reserve the right to take the bird to an avian vet of our choice for further examination. If our vet determines the bird died or is ill, due to neglect, malnutrition, improper care or injury sustained, no replacement or refund will be granted.

Hand-feeding Babies

If you wish to hand-feed your baby, understand that due to potential problems related to the hand-feeding procedure, and a still developing immune system combined with possible exposure, no replacement or refund will be given or inferred.

Adult or Imported Birds

Adult and imported birds are guaranteed to be free of any obvious visual signs of illness only. No other warranty is implied. Before birds are set up for the breeding program, we suggest a proper quarantine period be observed combined with appropriate testing.

Purchase Agreement - I, the buyer understand that I am purchasing a ____________________________ Hatched on __________________, with band # (if any) _________________. Purchase price $_______________ I have read and understand the above warranty. I take full responsibility for the proper care and feedings of my bird (s). I further agree that there are no other warranties, guarantees, or liability, expressed on the part of Kim Mosloski/Hunter Wedebrand or Hunter's Conures in the event of future injury, illness or death. I understand that this is a legally binding contract.



Buyer(s) Signature __________________________________________________________________


Seller Signature ____________________________________________________________________

(Kim Mosloski & Hunter Wedebrand)