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Terms and conditions for shipping:

I will deliver tiel(s), parrotlet(s), conure(s) & finch(es) up to 1 hours from my house for $50.00.

I ship my tiel(s), parrotlet(s) & conure(s) via out of Minneapolis MN and now offering Sioux Falls SD. (Weather Permitting)

I will also ship my tiel(s), parrotlet(s) & conure(s) via continental.gif out of Minneapolis MN. (NO weather restrictions)

I will ship the finch(es) via the complete cost of shipping will be around $50.00. (Weather Permitting)

Buyer is responsible for all shipping or transportation cost prior to shipping.

Shipping usually runs around $125.00 by .  Shipping with continental.gif will cost a little more, around $175.00. I will check for any changes before any transaction is finalized. I will then post any changes.

Shipping cost includes price of shipping crate and my transportation cost to the airport.

A shipping crate will run around $25.00. I will refund this amount if the crate is returned to me.

Last but not least. Seller is not held liable for any accidents with shipped birds. Not that this happens all the time, but it does some times.  & continental.gif are excellant airlines and they take the best care of live animals.

If using to ship finches there will be no warrenty.




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For any questions concerning shipping please contact us: