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Our Business Philosophy

We own and operate a small home based bird aviary. All of our birds are exposed to the sounds and atmosphere of family living. They are used to being around kids, dogs and cats.

We have hand picked and very selectively picked all of our breeding pairs for their great dispositions. We raise excellent quality family pet cockatiels, conures, parrotlets, finches & Splendid Grass Keets.

All of our birds are pets/family members first then they are parents. They are very hand friendly and extremely tame. This will reflect on their offspring. Each of our pair’s only produce two clutches in a given year. We choose to do so for their well being. We are only a hobby breeder that is why our prices are cheaper. We're not out to make a lot of money. If you are looking for high quality family pets drop us a line and let Angels Aviary, Hunter's Conure & Austin's Finches give you one.

Our Employees

Angels Aviary, Hunter's Conures, Austin's Finches are owned and operated by Kim Mosloski and Co-owned by Hunter & Austin Wedebrand. We have eight-four legged ones helpers.

My eight-four legged helpers are: one black Lionhead rabbit named Hersey, one Siamese Sable Lionhead rabbit named MilkyWay, one Siamese cat Kit Kat along with three purebred Papillion's Andy, Lady and Bandit, along with Teela a purebred Chihuahua and Freckles a hairless Chinese Crested my third son.

For photos of everyone please go to the employees photo page.

Our Shop

All of our birds are located in their own living quarters. However, ALL babies are raised in our living quarters. They get plenty of natural sunlight during none breeding season and during breeding season they are also offered plenty of artificial sunlight. We are also a very firm believer that all birds need their sleep. During none breeding season they get at least 12 hours and during breeding season they get around 8-10 hours. We have very controlled breeding seasons. This will increase their life span.

Our Company's Location

We live in Estherville Iowa which is about 3 1/2 hours north of Des Moines Iowa or 2 hours east of Sioux Falls South Dakota or 2 1/2 hours south of Minneapolis Minnesota.



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