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Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutation

By: Sandee L. Molenda, C.A.S.

Recognized Pacific Parrotlet Color Mutations

Albino - Pure white parrotlet with red eyes. Males are visually indistinguishable from females unless held under a black light, blue becomes evident. DNA sexing can also be used to differentiate sex.
Blue - Color can be light powder blue to turquoise. Dark eyed mutation. Males retain dark cobalt markings.
Cinnamon (Recessive) - Also known as Isabelle in Europe. Light yellow with more beige and green than fallow. Eyes are deep ruby red.
Cinnamon (Sex Linked) - Also known as "Pallid" in Europe. Similar in appearance to the recessive cinnamon but the first known sex linked mutation.
Dilute (formerly "American Yellow") - Yellowish green  parrotlet with black eyes. Males retain blue eye streak, flights, back and wings although sometimes they appear violet. 
Dilute-Blue (formerly "American White") - Combination of the dilute and blue mutations. Light, sky blue with patches of white. Dark eyes and males retain blue markings.
Fallow - Light yellow with beige and green. Bright yellow face and bright red eyes. Males retain blue markings that are lighter and have violet instead of blue markings.
Fallow-Blue - Combination of blue and fallow. Blue bird with red eyes. Males retain blue markings.
Fallow-Yellow - Combination of fallow and yellow. Bright yellow bird with red eyes. Different from lutino in that males retain blue markings.
Gray-Green - Green parrotlet with dark gray overcast. Eyes are dark. Males retain blue markings.
Lutino - Bright yellow parrotlet with red eyes. Males have white instead of blue markings.
Pastel (Formerly “European Yellow”) – Yellow-green bird with more green than the dilute. Males retain blue markings. Eyes are dark.
Pastel-Blue – Similar to dilute-blue i.e., sky blue coloring with dark eyes and males retain blue markings. Can be differentiated from dilute-blue by ‘lacewing’ type of pattern across wings.
Pied (Recessive) - Green bird with yellow feathers scattered over the body and head. Dark eyed and males retain blue markings. In the blue mutation, the yellow feathers are replaced with white.
Pied (Dominant) - Similar in appearance to recessive pied but the inheritance mode is dominant. So far, the only dominant mutation parrotlet.
Turquoise – A genetically incomplete blue with both green and blue markings; face is usually green with a blue body. Dark eyes and males retain blue markings.